The Krushuna - Karpachevo Eco Trail “Through the Eyes of Time - history and nature”

Eco Trail “Through the Eyes of Time”. It starts in the village of Krushuna, initially following a tarmac road but soon turning into a separate, marked trail. For nearly 3 km, it takes us to several natural and historical sights of interest. The route provides nature lovers with the chance to experience a variety of wildlife. Plenty of fragrant medicinal herbsgrow in the area. Going into the woods, you pass by Christ’s thorns, hazelnut trees, maples, lilacs, rosehip bushes and hawthorns, oaks, wild pear, cherry, apple and walnut trees. Several couples of black storks, included in Bulgaria’s Red Book of Protected Species are nesting on the higher rocks of the village. Other feathery locals include the white snake eagle, the Northern goshawk and the kite. The trail winds through the so-called Maarata area.