The Thracian Treasure of the town of Letnitsa

In May 1963, Letnitsa locals discovered 23 horse ammunition replicas made of silver. Their variety suggests they were made during different periods, by various coin makers. Some are traceried, others – provided with a frame and background. There are also Scythian motifs for the first time in a Thracian treasure. Their presence within a single collection suggest that they used to belong to one person. Hey are dated to the reign of the Odrysian king Cotys I. This is the priod of the last major ascent of the Odrysian kingdom. The Letnitsa treasure is among the first featuring griffins. The combinantion of the lion’s stately power and nobility on one hand and the eagle’s swiftness and sharp vision on the other have made the griffis a perfect heraldic symbol for aristocrats.